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Aerosmith Bus Mod


  • $ 8700

  Aerosmith is a fast new Rock n Roll Pinball by Stern.  The beautiful hand-drawn artwork, with its vibrant colors really match the theme of this custom tour bus.   This bus measuring about seven inches long looks great in the upper left corner.  Illuminated from the inside with two seperate different colored leds shining through the translucent windows in the front and back.  Adorned with custom graphics on the exterior sides and top really bring this to life.  The style and colors looks fantastic on all models Pro, Prem or LE.  Easy installation with custom bracket and wiring harness.  Hooks up to the G.I. lighting , making it interactive with the games lighting.  It can be ordered with or without Leds.  Size : 7''L x 1.5''W x 2.5''H

Installation Instructions

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