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Elvis Framed Playfield


  • $ 26500

          Add some flair to your gameroom with custom made framed playfields.  The outer frame in black is hand made from 4 inch pine wood with an interior frame in silver. The big holes in the playfield are covered with cut colored plastic light shields.  Led lights (100-120) are mounted under the inserts, slots and holes under the playfield.  These lights have many different modes ( fading , blinking , strobing..etc ) For added artistic effect, plastic gems are glued in certain areas bringing the light forward for added beauty.  The interior frame hides a RGB led strip lighting in the front that illuminates the playfield from the top.  These lights have a 24 key remote with lots of cool lighting efffects. ( single color, fading , strobing...etc )   Other key design elements are the upper and lower apron with custom 2 tone graphics and side panel graphics. 


Customer must supply the playfield.

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