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Godzilla Playfield Toy Green Large

ModFather Pinball Mods

  • $ 8800

Do you feel like the factory Godzilla figure doesn't pack enough punch and seems small ?   Well, this new replacement figure might just do the trick for you.  This Godzilla stands tall and in charge at 6 inches.  Hand painted in either dark blue or green body and  the back fins are painted in Atomic breath blue.  Mounts behind the bridge, looking more in scale with surrounding buildings and structures.  He appears menacing , during bridge multiball and the factory spot light shines on his full body emphasizes his pure power of destruction.   Easy installation,  take out the small factory Zilla ( couple screws and a zip tie ),  and replace it with Modfathers Godzilla.  A great mod that really brings attention to the main character of the game. 

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