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Indiana Jones Custom Painted Pieces


  • $ 6800

        Indiana Jones is an exciting Williams widebody pin from the 90's.  Sometimes these games can look dated from the past.  Add some custom custom paint and enhance the look of your game.  The ruins have been custom painted in shades of grey with the  relief carvings done highlighted in black.  Earthtones of beige and sand colors are painted randomly on to better blend with the games aesthetics.  Then , finely cut moss is hand glued to mimic climbing vines and add that special look.  The two planes have been repainted to look as they did in the movies with accurate decaling , colors and patterns on the planes body and wings.   I also fix any cracks and reinforce the underside hardening everything up.  A dramatic improvement and custom look for your game.  You must mail in your old plastics for painting.


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