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Indiana Jones Framed Playfield


  • $ 68500

          Add some flair to your gameroom with custom made framed playfields.  The outer frame is hand made from 4 inch pine wood. Interior and exterior frames can be done in any color of your choice, as well as the graphic decals. The big holes in the playfield are covered with cut colored plastic light shields.  Led lights (100-120) are mounted under the inserts, slots and holes under the playfield.  These lights have many different modes ( fading , blinking , strobing..etc ) For added artistic effect, plastic gems are glued in certain areas bringing the light forward for added beauty.  The interior frame hides a RGB led strip lighting in the front that illuminates the playfield from the top.  These lights have a 24 key remote with lots of cool lighting efffects. ( single color, fading , strobing...etc )   Other key design elements are the upper and lower apron with custom 2 tone graphics and side panel graphics. These can be made using used a playfield , brand new ...or supply your own. 

Price and availability may vary. Please contact us for details.

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