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Jurassic Park T-Rex Makeover Nature Color


  • $ 9800

Jurassic Park is a great game  by Data East from the 90's.  The big T-Rex in the back is a fearsome reptile with some a serious bite. How can you take him seriously with No Teeth ?  The ModFather can be his dentist and fix him up with a new set of pearly whites.  Included in his Spa package will be a new paint job in shades of green and beige with details in the skin to highlight his texture.  The eyes are done in yellow with black pupils and painted a little bigger than stock.  The teeth are cut from a thick white semi flexible plastic and glued into the mouth.  Book an appointment for the Dino Makeover and make him look his best.  This process requires you to send in Your Dino to be worked on. 

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