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Metallica Interactive Skull Mod


  • $ 7000


This 2 piece skull set is designed to fit over each speaker on your existing speaker panel. Each skull has been fitted with led strip lights (shown in white) mounted to the underneath of the skull. The custom metal brackets are used to hold the skulls in place without falling off during vibration and gameplay. This special bracket fits in the groove of the speaker panel , and the glass sits on top securing it in place, making it very easy to remove to lay the backbox down when needed. The wires for the lights run unseen behind the glass. The led strips are wired together and hooked up to the 12volt flasher near sparky. The leds flash, pulse and fade during different lighting sequences. The bright flashes through the cutout holes in the eyes and nose, as well as downward lighting effects are quite dramatic. The sound of the speakers comes thru the face openings without losing any sound quality. The skulls are hand painted in various greys to give it an aged look. The wooden fangs are custom made , and removable, making it compatible with BSD, TFTC, SS, EATPM and the new Walking Dead as well.  Please specify led color (white, red, blue, green)
The Modfather

Installation Instructions                                                                                     

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