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Rush Character Shooter Geddy


  • $ 4800

....These shooters look great on pinball  games that have a key character that matches the theme.  The character heads are made from a solid resin and are mounted to a new shooter rod.  Geddy Lee among one of the greatess bass players  ever once said, I can play 3 keyboards , jam on the bass, and sing the song, what can you do ?  His likeness is from the golden days of rush when they were in their 20's  in the studio creating the classic rock songs we remember .  Highly detailed and blend great with each theme they are representing.  Sizes vary approx. from 1.5" to 2" in diameter. All shooters come with a new rod, shooter tip and E clip. Easy installation and direct replacement for your standard factory shooter. Very Limited supplies  on these particular shooters. 


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