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Seawitch Framed Playfield


  • $ 49500

    This vintage playfield was commissioned to showcase the normal wear and tear of a routed pinball machine from 1979.    The playfield is cleaned and prepped then clearcoated.  All of the big open holes in the playfield have custom cut plastic shield mounted to the back.  Over a hundred leds are mounted to the back of all of the inserts.  Large plastic gems are clear glued from the front giving a nice illumination from the front.   A 4 inch thick wooden frame with a nice header on the top and bottom showcase custom 2 tone  graphics .  You can send me your playfield for customization, OR I can find a similar playfield with the same results.   A very cool addition to your gameroom.  Please call to discuss details for this type of work.

Price and availability may vary. Please contact us for details.

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