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The Lost World Jurassic Park Playfield Amber Plaque


  • $ 3800

 Stern came out with a great game , Jurassic Park.  With all of that Dino love , there are problems in the jungle.  One is the blinding flasher on the lower left of the playfield.  The game comes with a clear dome flasher with light that hits you in the eye, disabling you in the process.  This really cool fossilized dragonfly sits right on top of that bright flasher and distributes the light through this beautiful piece.  Easy installation and goes great with the theme of the game.  A beautiful mod for that location.  Step it up with some style..  Approx. 2" tall by 3" wide, custom bracket fits over any set screw on a playfield.  Pictures shows the location of the various Ambers available for that particular location.

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